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The Floatation Tanks

Floatation tanks are the ideal portal to rejuvenation for everyone from pro athletes and celebrities to stressed-out entrepreneurs and creative artists seeking a distraction-free environment for deep meditation, relaxation and self-discovery. In their new book, Floating in Quiet Darkness: How the Floatation Tank Has Changed Our Lives and Is Changing the World," floatation tank pioneers Glenn and Lee Perry explain why.

Glenn and Lee's Work

Glenn and Lee created the first commercially available floatation tanks in 1972; ever since, they have been perfecting them with their Samadhi Tank Company and spreading the word on the benefits of floating. "Floating in Quiet Darkness" includes a selection of vivid personal narratives and photos depicting the depth and breadth of experiences people encounter when floating.


The floatation tank, also known as the isolation tank, was invented in the 1950s as part of scientific research probing the frontiers of human consciousness. Today the tank offers myriad benefits for our over-stimulated, distracted, and stressed-out society, including giving harried humans a time and place to engage in the deepest kind of meditation.

Today's Problems

"Many people today experience being stressed or not having enough time away from phones, emails, Zoom meetings and news updates." Glenn says. "Incessant inputs and internal mental chatter crowd out our ability to think clearly, focus and reflect on what matters most. The tank provides a unique space that allows us to be with our thoughts, our intentions, our deeper self. We become much more present."

From the Back Cover

Floating In Quiet Darkness: How the Float Tank Has Changed Our Lives and Is Changing the World

Lee and Glenn Perry

A chance encounter in 1972 led Glenn Perry to try "dolphin" breathing in a makeshift stone tub fabricated by Dr. John C. Lilly. After one hour, Glenn felt as though the whole earth was a shimmering, shining, scintillating energy system and time had slowed way down. From this initial life-changing experience, Lee and Glenn Perry went on to design and build floatation tanks; a perfect vehicle for deep self-reflection, exploration and personal enlightenment. Although novices at business, they created a new product, a new company, and a global industry. They have changed not only their lives but also the lives of many who float. Their book chronicles this remarkable story and includes insights from floaters who share the depth, breadth and benefits of their floating experiences.

I heartily recommend their practice of floating, their methods of exploration, their uses of the benign and highly beneficial technology I have pioneered. The balanced, scientific, and pristine nature of their practice has been clear to me for years and so, not only for their expertise and their ingenuity, their skill and aptitude in tank manufacture, but also and especially for their genuine integrity and sincerity in this research.

--Dr. John Lilly, M.D., author of Center of the Cyclone, The Deep Self and Mind of the Dolphin

In the 1980s, the Samadhi Tank group graciously allowed me and my students access to their Beverly Hills floating facility after hours. I'd take a group of ten students and we'd meditate all night, alternating two hour blocks in the tank with two hour blocks of seated practice. In Buddhism, there's a concept of upaya--"expedient means." We found that applying systematic focus techniques during long floats could serve as an upaya, facilitating certain aspects of the practice.

--Shinzen Young, Author of the Science of Enlightenment and Co-Director, SEMA Lab, University of Arizona

While the profound power of floating for the reduction of fear and anxiety is beginning to emerge from controlled clinical research, Glenn Perry was truly the first case study to experience such effects. We can all learn from his experience and spend more time disconnecting from the nonstop chatter of the external world and reconnecting to our internal world. Indeed, this intimate book of their journey inward can help heal us all!

--Justin Feinstein, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist

For those of us whose lives include prioritizing the expansion of our consciousness, the experience of parallel realities and self-healing, Floating in Quiet Darkness is the guide book. Arguably the safest of all medicines, stimulus isolation in water has virtually no side effects (aka unwanted complications of medicine: OCM). My talks with Dr. John Lilly at Esalen in 1967 influenced my studies of balneology, the genesis of the Health Sanctuary at Wilbur Hot Springs where for 50 years I have used a snorkel while floating face down in 93.4° medicine water.

Floating in Quiet Darkness advocates for a safe healing experience readily available and acceptable to the widest variety of people everywhere.

--Dr. Richard Louis Miller, Ph.D., author of Psychedelic Medicine: The Healing Powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca and Founder of Wilbur Hot Springs Health Sanctuary